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Gerry E.

I have been arranging equipment leases and financings since the nineteen-seventies, beginning as an equipment vendor.  I learned to use leasing effectively as a sales tool and the importance of good leasing relationships and ultimately went to work with a small leasing company in 1981 as their first outside salesperson. Nine years later I was the Operations Manger responsible for all marketing, sales, credit and collections functions in the company's then five branches in three southeastern states.

In 1991, I started TecSource, Inc. We brokered leases, held our own leases, and discounted leases to local banks in addition to managing and servicing the leasing programs for a couple of small banks.  By design, our business was very small and provided an opportunity for my wife, Jamie, and me to work and travel together.  In my own business, I’m particularly proud of two things.

First is the tremendous number of repeat customers we’ve had over the years, with some having over twenty leases with us.  Second is that I’ve never been involved in any transaction where I’ve been afraid or embarrassed afterward to meet any of the other parties involved.  That’s particularly important to me since my business is primarily a local one with over ninety percent of all the leases I’ve ever written being within thirty-five miles of my office.Image

Over a period of many years, I’ve also done consulting, writing, marketing, sales training and in-house workshops for brokers, lessors and funders around the country as well as for banks and equipment vendors.  I’ve contributed to Monitor and Leasing News and to Leasing Logic, the newsletter of the NAELB, and produced both audio and video training programs for clients via the Internet and on disc.

I like to observe other industries and try to find the characteristics of them that are similar to our own. That helps keep me open to new ideas.  It’s never been my desire to be a ‘me-too’ kind of salesperson and I believe the easiest way to compete is to separate yourself from your competition —not compare yourself to them.  I do not use the traditional sales strategies taught in our industry.  I like to say that whatever success I’ve had in this business is in direct proportion to how well I’ve overcome the traditional training I had in it.

Throughout this site you'll find links to some sales related videos I’ve done and articles I've written.  They'll help you get a sense of my sales philosophy as well as of my teaching style.

I particularly enjoy meeting and interacting with other leasing and finance professionals and I am a Past President of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers, (NAELB; now known as AACFB).  I also served for eight years, from 2011 through 2018, as the Executive Director & CEO of the National Equipment Finance Association (NEFA).  I'm also an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Navy.

While I work from my home in Raleigh, NC, today, Jamie and I enjoy the opportunity our business responsibilities have given us to meet folks from around the country and we enjoy visiting friends and family along the way as we travel around and in a motor home and see this great country.

Learn Equipment Leasing Sales From The Leasing Sales Expert

One of the equipment leasing industry’s most well respected trainers and innovative leaders shares his unique insights, extensive experience and engaging sales style in some practical, real-world sales tips for equipment leasing brokers, lessors, bankers and equipment sellers.

Gerry Egan, a Past-President of the American Association for Commercial Finance Brokers (AACFB [formerly NAELB]), the nation’s largest professional trade association for independent equipment leasing and financing businesses, and a former Executive Director of the National Equipment Finance Association (NEFA), the premier national association for independent lessors,  community and regional banks, and successful brokers, shares some of his best and most popular sales lessons with the industry he loves.

Gerry’s dynamic, upbeat style and creative sales thinking have been an inspiration for attendees at industry conferences for years. His no-nonsense, customer focused sales ideas don’t depend on clever tricks or gimmicks or on large marketing budgets yet still helped Gerry build a successful business that enabled him to retire from full time selling by age 50.

Whether you are:

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  • Are a national, regional or local funding source
  • Are a banker interested in adding equipment leasing to your product mix or improving an existing program
  • Or have any other interest in this fascinating industry

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